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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Report on the Situation in Goma, DRC

This week, Noela Baramwete, our Furaha program overseer in Congo came across the border from Congo with her little baby boy. We were so glad to see her and know she was safe. As we discussed what was taking place in Goma she showed us some pictures of the area within and around Goma. The Christians so far are safe, but disbursed and displaced.
Large camps of women and children are scattered around the town of Goma and even within – taking lodging in schools and any type of shelter. Food is a problem and cleanliness – all this and few groups helping out there.
There is a real need for food relief, shelter, and household items such as blankets, cooking utensils, and warm clothing. Goma is situated close to Mount Nyiriangongo and due to the eruptions – is mostly a town of ash and large rocks of lava. All this makes it doubly difficult to build shelter and even grow crops.
Destruction of shelters of internally displaced persons by the rebel soldiers M23 in Kanyaruchinya and Mugunga camps.
Refugees on the run and making a home in camps, where they begin making a life for themselves from pieces of cloth, shelters made from desks, grass, mud, plastic bags and burlap.
Women and children are the ones that get the worst of it as women are raped, children are forced into early service in the rebel and government troops and the smaller children assist with chores – cooking, hauling water and carrying firewood and stones.

Please pray for this terrible situation and keep these individuals in mind as they fight for life and continue to fight for survival.
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