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Monday, February 29, 2016

Celebration days - so much to be thankful for!

This past month of February, has allowed us to feel God's loving hand upon us. Visits to several districts where we took part in special thanksgiving celebrations for Colleen's healing as well as a church opening were full of joyful experiences enriched with unity. We acknowledge -- it is good to praise and thank the Lord ALL the time. Not just when things are going well BUT even through the midst of hardship. 

The dry season is upon us and many crops are drying up and being burnt by the strong Equator sun. Even with that people have put together what they have to rejoice in all that God is doing in the Church in Uganda. 

I am posting some pictures of the places we have travelled along with the astounding fellowship and unity that has been realized. 
Travelling through the Equator 
   Ssembabule church with welcoming band
Rwandanese dancers
Receiving gifts 
Tim preaching a great sermon
Beautiful songs of praise 
Another marching band to welcome!
A table of traditional food
Cattle keepers special gifts 
Cutting of some great cake!
All this was so special and affirming. We are blessed to serve with the Uganda church. 
Onto the east where we officially opened Busuila Church of God. Such thankfulness to witness hard work done on erecting a huge building.
Inside the church
         View looking up to the church 
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