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Monday, February 26, 2018


When the devil you fought, that you know, you are intimately aware of, that you beat - comes back... What do you do? She had dealt with Cancer. She fought and claimed victory over it. Prayers, miracles, intense fight and resolve had all resulted in victory! How then, did this defeated rival come back? How did the cancer come out of remission? 

These are all questions that run through our minds, that we struggle and weep over... This news was unexpected and shook each of us. However, none of us are the woman who has this battle to fight. She is the one who has to decide to take up her shield and sword and fight again. Again. The strength that this short but feisty, sweet but strong, kind but powerful, tender hearted woman has is inspirational to me as her daughter, everyday. I could not be more grateful for the mother I have been gifted with and these moments remind me of this. She is Incredible. This is a brutal journey, we know what this entails, the hardship and the trials that it brings... and yet. She has begun. One step forward at a time. Together, Mom and Dad decided that there was no question: We fight. Whatever it takes- we fight.  

Pride does not begin to describe the way the us kids feel about our parents. Cliche, I suppose, but I am the proudest to call them my Mom and my Papa. Whatever life brings, they continue to demonstrate a faith and hope in God that is unmoved. They stand strong on the promise of healing. Like boxers going back into the ring, a little bruised, but spirit unbroken they have engaged in Round Two. 

I Stand Victorious, Mom's blog from her first journey has been updated. Please take a look at the newest post. It shares the journey through Mom's eyes, and is beautifully written and wonderfully inspirational. She will post updates on IStandVictorious for those who want to know more about her journey to another victory against cancer.

From all of us in the Stevenson family, we invite everyone to please join with us as we continue to lift up prayers for our parents. Prayers for Mom as she faces the giant that is cancer, once more, that she has His strength and will not be moved. Prayers that her cancer will be completely removed and a miracle will be provided, once more. Prayers for Dad as he continues their ministry in Uganda and leads the many teams. Prayers for him as he holds down the fort and is away from Mom. Prayer for continued healing, strength and endurance. Prayer for them both.

To all of you who have reached out to Mom and Dad, we truly appreciate your encouragement and support. Thank you and God bless you all,
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