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Second generation missionaries, both Tim and Colleen were raised in Africa from young on as their parents forged the path of Christ before them. Meeting as middle school students at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, the two did not know the amazing plans that God would carry out using them as individuals - as well as a married couple. 

Coming out to Uganda as missionaries in 1986, with the Church of God with only faith and a vision, God has shown them time and again that their vision is too small for the plans that He has for them in Uganda.  Merging with Christ's call on their lives, the expansion of the church and project development has touched other countries such as Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Burundi, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia! 

In addition to their work, Tim and Colleen are parents to four children - one of which has three children of her own. Although scattered across the globe, all of the children were raised in Uganda, demonstrating that home is truly where the heart is. Read up more about their lives and the work happening in their Newsletters page.

Working to provide better lives for those living with HIV and AIDS, orphans, and those who live in need in Uganda and above mentioned countries, projects have been put in place to help sustain a better quality of life. Check out the projects available for more information and insight: Sponsorship, T.A.P.P., T.E.E., Jjajja Njagala, SchoolsLeaders, Island Ministry, Construction, Heritage International School, Animals, Tailoring Centres, Hole in One, Work Camps, Other Countries.

Having years of accumulated experience from 1986 to the present, they both have a deep passion for the work of God and the African Continent that sets them apart. Tim and Colleen are an example of what missionary life is- sacrifice, dedication and teamwork. 

If you want to see how you can help support Tim and Colleen Stevenson in their ministry, feel free to contact them or contribute to their ministry by assisting with a project such as the Jjajja Njagala, or come as a Work Camp, or assist them in raising support! If you feel called to support them and their ministry please reach out to Tim and Colleen directly for more information.
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