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Heritage International School

Heritage International School opened in 1994, sponsored by five Christian missions, with the aim of providing a Christ-centred education for all children, regardless of their religious, social or economic background. The School's aim is  to provide a high quality education that helps to prepare the students for a life of faith and service.
In addition to the commitment to high quality academics, Heritage International School strives to develop God-given skills and talents of the students through training in the performing arts, sports, crafts and visual arts. It also provides in-school musical training via our Visiting Music Teacher program. Heritage takes pride in the international staff population with US, UK, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Uganda, Congo and the Philippines all being represented.
Another Project that is taking place at the ever expanding school is the Gerald Stevenson Memorial Chapel, seen in the process of construction below. The chapel is a dream that is slowly taking shape as reality as the school develops!
With time, H.I.S has grown and has only shown what a dream can do when it is cared for and nurtured. The newer additions include: New entrance modifications, an upgraded duka, new classroom blocks and science building, new sports facilities, and more! God has and is truly working by providing faithful staff and hard-working volunteers who are passionate about H.I.S - proving that the sky is the limit for what this School will become. 

To find out more or get involved with the School and its staff, check out the Heritage International School website.
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