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Education is essential in every child’s life, and in Africa, the Church of God helps to fill that need. With around 200 schools ranging from Nursery, Primary up to Secondary and several technical schools there is still an ever growing need. In these schools, we attempt to work together with the Church in equipping the kids to know who Jesus Christ is, in addition to providing government curriculum in order for the students to be able to sit for the government exams.


• Permanent classrooms: Construction of roofs, floors, walls, windows, rooms, etc. (this does not include land purchase costs)  - $7,500USD / $10,000CAN for 1 classroom 

• Dormitories: housing 30 students 

• Toilet stanzas: 3 per gender 

• Office block: 4 rooms (3 offices and 1 storage room)

• Playground equipment: swings to jungle gyms - approximately $1,500USD / $2,000CAN for the minimum equipment required

• Fencing: fencing requirements depend on the area

If you want to donate towards any of the above mentioned projects, please reach out to the Stevenson's for more information using out "contact us" sidebar to the right of your screen! 

An example of a completed classroom project at Marion Jr. Nursery and Primary School, made possible by generous donors from the Vernon Church of God, can be seen in the images below.

Pictures of some of our schools:
Siegfried High School, Bukasa, Kampala

Omut tailoring center, Pader

Colleen High School students in worship, Nebbi

Kasenke Primary school sponsored students, Mubende

Kawolokota students learning under the tree, Mukono District

Nile High Academy, Palorinya Refugee camp, Moyo

Nampunge High School assembly, Wakiso

Kyamgwali camp COG Nursery and Primary school, Hoima District

Murchison Bay Naomi Froese COG N/P School, Bukasa, Kampala

Tailoring Center at Kirongero, Bugiri District

Marion Jr. N/P School sign, Nampunge, Wakiso District

Kasubi COG High School, Kasubi, Kampala
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