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Sponsor a child today and change a life, there are so many options for which ever country you are in. If you want to make a change in someone's life- a true change for the better- this is your chance. 
Where are the children?: Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, S. Sudan, and The D.R. Congo
What is the impact?: 350+ children sponsored
Is this right for me?: If you are located in Canada and have $30 each month, you can make a world of difference while changing yours as you step forward loving your brother or sister in Christ.

Where are the children?: Uganda - located in 7 of the Church of God schools
What is the impact?: 2,500+ children reached through Church of God 
The organization works through the Church and child development centers. 
Is this right for me?: Yes, if you are linked to Compassion International and have $38 USD a month. 

Kinderhilfswerk Global Care 
Where are the children?: Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, S. Sudan, Zambia, DRC
What is the impact?: 900+ in all the countries above combined.
1 in 10 children dies before he/she turns one years old. If a child does survive, over 20 percent of them are uneducated, never able to afford school fees. 
Is this right for me?: If you are located in Europe and have 30 Euros a month, a child and his/her family can be supported by means of providing food, education, vocational training, health care, support and love.
Children of Promise 
Where are the children?: Uganda and Rwanda
What is the impact?: 1000+ children
Is this right for me?: If you live in the United States, you can make a difference in an underprivileged child's life for only $23 a month.
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