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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snakes, containers, and parties

Well this last while has been quite busy. There have been many meetings and lots of activities going on. 
First off, we welcomed the 20' container from Germany which contained a well compressor, gifts for sponsor children and some medical supplies. 
Customs verification
Arriving ...
Sorting sponsor boxes
Ben Davies, intern from UK

A heart warming moment was when Maria and her father came by to greet me at the office. She is the daughter of the first assistant in the sponsorship program who died, leaving her days old baby behind. Very hard times.  She is now joining secondary school. How time flies.  
Bosco, Maria and Colleen
Colleen out for lunch... With bible study ladies. A great support group. 
A small mamba (snake) found in our bedroom inside the laundry basket. SURPRISE. Glad Tim was able to deal
With it. 
Robert Kulubya a Canadian sponsor child who has graduated and celebrates a new future. Thanks to all the sponsors who support kids in our programs. 
TAPP TRAINING taking place this week. 20 districts represented and lessons being taught show the importance of this great outreach to those who live with HIV and Aids. 
Pray for Southern Sudan and the work going on there. Sadly, the Juba pastor's wife was shot during the tribal uprising in the new year. This has been a big blow. 

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