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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Urgent Prayer Request For Colleen

As many of you know, last week we received news that my Mom - Colleen - was diagnosed with Cancer. This is news that is shocking and unexpected to say the least, as we just were together for Christmas with no sign of this. Mom has handled it with grace and strength and both of my parents have been quick in response to this and have handled it like the strong individuals they are.
I am reaching out for prayer on behalf of my Mom. God is powerful and we stand on the promise that He is victorious in ALL things. 

My Mom is one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the privilege of meeting, no bias involved in that statement. She is a flame in the world that burns passionately for Christ, our family and every person she comes into contact with. Selfless, humble and powerful, she has stood with so many of us in hardship and joy. Let us now all stand with her, as she has done with us. God blessed the world with an amazing and gorgeous woman - in and out and we know He knows and cares for her more deeply than we could fathom. He is watching over every moment and especially over every step she takes toward the victory over this sickness. 
We have already claimed victory over this battle, but ask for prayer as steps are taken to conquer it.
Romans 8:37: "No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loves us."

Below is the email with a statement sent out by my Dad- Tim.


One is never sure what is the best approach to communicating personal concerns. First of all, they are after all just that - quite personal J
So, although we are super connected with many people (this year we have @11 groups from medical to ministry, to projects).  We normally are very private on family concerns, so this new challenge touches all aspects of what we do, and so we feel it’s important to share.

Colleen has for a few weeks had minor issues of discomfort which we thought might possibly be an infection, but we took the next step of going to the clinic on Monday, which is a place called The Surgery in Kampala.  After a checkup and ultra-sound  scan, Colleen was told she had Ovarian cancer!  We were stunned with this shocking news and Colleen informed the doctor that she could NOT go back to Canada for at least a month, but the doctor directed immediate evacuation, saying there was nowhere in Uganda that had treatment for this.
But in typical “this is African fashion” told us to return on Wednesday for more tests, and to have a ticket ready.  The next step was an MRI scan and special blood test (CA 125).   Results today confirmed what the doctor had said, stating again that it was an advanced stage of ovarian cancer, with uterine and liver infringement.

Colleen travels out of Uganda Friday and arrives the same day for the doctors in Canada to begin which ever steps are necessary.   We would normally deal with this together, but as we have 2 teams arriving this weekend, it is necessary for her to go ahead.  It is important to share this news as this will affect our future and is very much dependent on what is determined in the next few weeks.
We are thankful that family awaits her there, and also that we have Canadian health insurance.  We believe we serve a LIVING God and have felt His hand over and over in our lives in wonderful ways.  This is a new challenge and we request you to please keep Colleen and the whole family in your prayers. Colleen touches so many people in her daily life that this time away will impact many, as well as the programs she heads.  We all pray for a miracle and total cure, believing we move forward with whatever means God allows us to use for treatment and recovery.
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Julie Allen-Wiseman said... March 19, 2014 at 9:48 AM

Please know that your friends at Eagle Ridge are praying for Colleen and the family.

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