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Monday, June 2, 2014

Camrose group, family & hospital updates

Fixing up the Busiro clinic - Pastor Brian Krushel

Tim working on guttering

Making memories with the children in the village

Pastor Brian Krushel, from Camrose ChoG led a group from Camrose, Alberta to work side by side with the clinic staff at Busiro, in Eastern Uganda as well as bring up the standard of the buildings.  They were able to work at the ChoG school there and visit those who live with HIV/Aids.  It is always an encouragement to our programs when supporting churches come alongside and work in the ministry they uplift.  
We are so privileged to minister and work together with such amazing people, both in Africa and in the various church/medical teams that come from various countries to serve.  A special thanks to all those who sacrifice time, money and energy to serve the Lord together. Blessings to you!
Camrose team on the banks of the River Nile
Meanwhile, in Canada, Colleen was admitted several times in the hospital in Calgary for tests, scans, and several paracentesis procedures.  It was special to have all the children present, Colleen's parents -- the Hoffman's, and several other visitors from around Calgary. The way God worked to get the process moving so quickly was a miracle.  We thank all of you for continued prayer, emails, flowers, phone calls, and amazing support and are moved by the overwhelming love surrounding our clan and the ministry we are involved in.

In Foothills Hospital getting tests done - never a dull moment.... with Jesse and Natasha

My second round of Chemotherapy at High River Cancer Clinic

Tim made a surprise visit to Canada in the middle of April and stayed for 3 weeks.  It was a very special time to have him here sharing many of the experiences together. Easter was very meaningful, and we felt blessed to celebrate it together with the family.  We have always faced things together in our ministry -- the ups and downs and the many challenges, so it has been different to be separated with one in Canada and one in Uganda.  But, we do know that this is for a time and that God keeps us protected and united in all circumstances. 
It was so nice to have a couple days with Colleen's parents in B.C.  Those were some good days when chemotherapy had subsided and energy was high.  
Tim then returned to Uganda the beginning of May with Logan to welcome the TRI-s team from Anderson University.  
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