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TAPP (Tumaini “hope” AIDS Prevention Program) is a holistic care project that seeks solidarity with those infected and affected with HIV and AIDS.  
It provides: 
  • Training
  • Home Based Care
  • Income generating projects
  • Education in tailoring (seen below) and catering 
  • Social support for a hopeful life 
This fast growing program is now extending to most districts where the Church of God is existing.  There is a real need for staff housing in order for these volunteers to be available to the many clients who need counselling and visitation. The offices are near the church and necessary for the privacy of counselling and times of encouragement to the many clients within the districts.
Each year on World Aids Day (seen in the image above), there is a celebration of the lives of the TAPP workers and the individuals who have been affected through the program! The change in lives from hopeless situations to joyous and now hopeful days, is amazing and is celebrated in dance, drama and fellowship.
TAPP also assists the individuals affected though HIV/AIDS with the chance to create an income. Women and men are taught how to create paper beads, bags, shoes, etc.

To find out more about the TAPP products and even the Rafiki Parties- Check out the TAPP USA website!

Another program within TAPP, Kupona, is a program geared toward the children in the Aids affected families. With two locations and an ever growing amount of children attending the daycare, the program is always in need of school supplies, toys and love. The program also filters into the sponsorship programs mentioned above. 
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